Goals & Results (draft only)

Below is a working draft suggested by Elizabeth V…


  1. To follow the principals of growth and development in the child that Maria Montessori laid out. 
    1. to find out that they are creating separate healthy identities from their families and live in community with others  (independence and interdependence) 
    2. to encourage moral patterns in the child by allowing for group dynamic and adult moderation to bring balance and direction.
    3. to facilitate the development of healthy ways to channel emotions.
  2. To adhere to the pedagogical lessons that Maria Montessori laid out.
    1. to instruct in a Montessori method by following the child
    2. to include tactile/sensorial development in all aspects of learning
    3. to encourage imagination and concentration in learning
    4. to allow the child to come to maturity in their ability to expresses themselves in language, art, mathematics and music


  1. To bring awareness and self-confidence in the child to attain his goals and find a place in this world socially and vocationally
  2. To create a hope in the future of the planet for the child
  3. To feel comfortable in a variety of social situations
  4. To use their skills to succeed in the areas of life they aspire to.

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